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Yeah sure, i'll vent! But first, to preface, that in order to get indoor time to hit with, i play with what i call, the 3.75's.. they THINK they are 4.0 players, but are far from it!.. I have one buddy and me who are ringers there, but we are frequently separated, and then THIS occurs! haha
a)When I hit a HUGE serve down the T on either side that the returner barely gets his racket on, and my sad 3.5 doubles player i was stuck with just SITS THERE AND WATCHES!(what should be done, is he should POACH, EVERY D*MN TIME!!!).. Its his point to WIN, every time, and he just then forces me to start the point, instead of him to END IT!!.. ok.. that is numero UNO to me!(I quite often feel like i am literally playing ONE AGAINST TWO!.. because, I AM!!!)
b)My partner CAN'T VOLLEY, or volleys very badly, and won't take LESSONS to learn how to or get better!.. So, again, lends to them standing on the inside singles line, just hoping the ball goes nowhere NEAR THEM until they can be safe back to the baseline!
c)Then, when they serve, their serves, first and second, are TOO WEAK for me to poach, and thus help out my sad partner!.. If i try to 'gamble'(as it is at this point), then the returner has PLENTY of time to make ME look SILLY and pass me down the line or just bunt it cross court.. and oh, while we are at it...
d)Those same weak az servers serve too close from the middle of the court, and don't even have the sense to SLIDE OUT for the return that surely will be angled out wide to them to which they won't even get TO the ball, or we will then be on the DEFENSE!.. pathetic.. happens all the time, even with me begging for them to stand farther out/slide out after serve.
e)players that then DON'T KNOW WHERE TO STAND, and then look at me like I AM CRAZY when i try to suggest where to stand.. that is when i know it will b a LOOONG day playing with the fool.
f)players that don't understand angles, and guarding the best possible shot the other player has, again, just standing in one "safe spot" just CLUELESS about what to do and where to stand to even START being an effective doubles player!(my buddy is easilly 20 to 30 years older than these guys, but can volley, understands all these concepts, and we regularly BAGEL these horrible tennis players!)
The only thing apparently that keeps these guys together are their egos and the fact that they all suck at the same level together. I enjoy having open targets from their cluelessness, but then when I get one on my team, i want to run a CLINIC for all of them, so maybe they will not be so horribly bad and make me feel like i am playing one on two, which even seems worse than that on some match-ups. I will try to hold back my suggestions, but some days just cant, and the guy will go, "Just play your game, and I will play mine...", and i think.."I wish I could CLONE MYSELF and keep YOU TOTALLY OUT OF THE EQUATION!" haha
That covers most of it, with a lack of a)serve, b)volley, these guys simply play doubles because indoor time is too expensive to play singles is how I see it.(and I would be equally scared to watch them play singles)
oh, and my last one i almost forgot about.. i serve big, the ball FLOATS TO THEM, they don't bother to even take ONE STEP BACK to attempt an overhead, and then leave me, thinking why wouldn't they take this easy shot, rushing to position behind them to hit the next shot!.. oh, I realize I could go on and on.. but these are just the tip of the bad doubles ICEBERG!.. haha
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