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Originally Posted by batz View Post
The thing you are missing is the 'current ranking points' part of the formula.

The formula is current ranking points (at the time of seeding) + 100% of last year's grass points + 75% of the previous year's grass points.

So while Roger might gain a few hundred points on the grass points parts of the formula, but the fact that he is 2700 points behind Novak with roughly the same points to defend before Wimbledon makes that all a bit moot.
Sorry, I only just saw this response. I was deliberately excluding the current ranking points because we don't know what they will be. I was just working out what Federer's 'grass advantage' was.

I concluded that it was very small, so he'd need to be neck and neck, or ahead or Novak to be seeded #1... which is extremely unlikely.

So we're probably looking at 1)Djokovic 2)Federer 3)Murray as the top seeds, possibly swapping Federer and Murray as the latter has more opportunity to gain points over the next few months.
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