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Originally Posted by Airwolf View Post

My attempt at a Mac Attack Vapor 9

Really love them !!!
classy and detailed at the same times.
Would you mind posting a picture of the other side of the shoe so I can see the plastic "vents" ? As you chose a faded black>white, I want to see how it looks with a black + white plastic.

Originally Posted by anhuynh16 View Post
Hey man, I understand that you like to respond to things and etc.. But I don't think it's necessary to post 15-20 times a day with 3 word responses(such as I don't like, cool shoe, how is it) and respond in almost every thread. It kind of gets annoying when I log on to the forum and go here and see that your username is plastered on who recently posted. If your going to post with such simple answers, it would be better to tone down how much you post.

Just my suggestion and I'm sure many posters would agree with me.

I posted more than 3 words.
Is that OK for you?
(just kidding)
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