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Originally Posted by eks-mat View Post
Ya, seems like everyone here loves it, makes me feel like I did something wrong... idk what it could of been though.

The extreme low tension is not for everyone. If you already hit with a lot of topspin you may not see that much of an increase. At higher tensions, I hit a pretty flat ball (thanks Jimmy Connors). Now I see tremendous amounts of topspin without much effort. And the backspin I get on some of drop shots is unbelievable.

As I stated earlier in the thread, all the people I have converted love the extra spin they get at ELT. I can vouch for the fact that it is their on their shots. Shots they weren't making before (at least not with the amount of spin). My girlfriend's shots started jumping a lot more, and the amount of spin was actually hard for me to gauge because it was so different than her shots when she was in the upper 50s.

I had to alter my game a little, but I am loving the ELT. But, like I said, it's not for everybody. Use what you are comfortable with. I like what ELT has done for my game and right now I can't see going back to the higher tensions.

Sorry it didn't work for you, but don't feel you did anything wrong. Did you hit with a lot of topspin at higher tensions?

On another note, I injured my arm in a singles match on Wednesday. I knew from past experience that I was going to have trouble serving last night. It was a little tenuous at first, but I think the ELT made it much easier to serve with the soreness I had. I remember having the same soreness when I first started playing again a few years ago, and I was lucky to get the ball over the net on my serves. I chalk it up to the low tension helping to propel the ball.

It could be a mental thing, but I was actually serving pretty well, even with the pain.
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