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"he [Federer] continues to fight for higher shares of the prize money for lower-ranked players."

Kind of like I'm "fighting" in Afghanstan. I do support the troops.

This is what Federer does if he wants to change the share of prize money for lower-ranked players and the tournament declines. He informs them he declines to play. Federer probably has more clout than anyone in the game.

Federer doesn't appear to do anything that could potentially harm Brand Federer. Anything controversial could harm Brand Federer. I think this was essentially Rafa's beef (and more recently Jerzy J) when he said, in essence, if Fed is going to leave us hanging when we try to use public pressure (I believe in that case getting an overall increase in prize money out of the Majors) than he's [rafa] not doing it anymore.

PS, I love Federer. So spare me the attacks. I'm simply expressing an opinion that Fed is first and foremost a diplomat. If he wanted to force the prize money split he has the clout to probably make it happen. Especially if the other three were on the same page.

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