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Originally Posted by The Meat View Post
I washed my old K-Factor bag a few months ago(awful condition, browning on the white parts and the bottom was black). First thing I did was remove all debris from inside(sticks to inside of bag when you add water), got a towel and soaked it in warm laundry detergent and wiped off the insides. Then I got vinyl cleaner and used that to wash the outsides, rinsed it off with warm water with a towel. Let it hang dry, good as new! Except for a few scratches from court abuse.
I started having a go at this last night with warm water and washing detergent. Some of it comes off but its difficult to shift the ingrained dirt particularly from awkward areas such as the padded straps, corners, material around the zips etc.

I think those areas really need a long soak with detergent and then another attempt.

This really needs a stronger cleaning agent.

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