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I do agree with you about being dq'ed. My point is about it being fair is this. If I go out and I join a AA-3 team, I should have enough common sense to know what I'm getting myself into. I have yet to see a 3.0 playing in this league. I know that not only will my raiting be AA-3, I will move up if the team wins. So they are basically allowing you to rate yourself at the beginning. I think it works well. I have scores of friends that the whole team plays like a-9 and B-1. You never see those players playing with my other friends that play a-1 and AA.

I think that is better than me going out and say losing x amount of matches to guys by a break and having a below .500 record and getting bumped(which I've seen that happen) versus a guy that went 10-0 and didn't get bumped(I've seen this). Everyone body wants to throw around loose terms like dynamic rating and what not, but nobody can explain how the above happened. So it tends to tick people off.

I don't have a problem with fees. I have a problem with what I think are excessive fees. If I can play basically 4 leagues for 20 or 25 bucks, I don't see why I should have to pay more money for the registration fee and then still have to pay per league. They aren't maintaining any courts. The various subdivisions take care of their own courts and furthermore, most of the tennis that is played in usta is played on the same courts as Alta. So that's why I'm very careful of what teams I play with. It has to be friends because playing with a bunch of Aholes would make it much worse.

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Rather than arguing here I'm going to refer you to this blog;
Perhaps you've seen it. There's no way you can convince anybody that individual ranking that is based on team's performance and not on one's own play is more accurate. This would be as if all player's on a given Davis Cup team were ranked the same, according to how far the team advanced.

What you conveniently fail to mention is:
- you run risk of DQ only if you are self-rated.
- you are going to be DQ if you are self-rated --and-- you beat someone with match proven ranking (that happens to be similar to the one you assigned to yourself) by a score that strongly indicates it was not a competitive match. And to take into account bad luck/illness/and other one-time occurrences it needs to happen three times in a single season. I fail to see how that is unfair.

I agree with that one. Other than maybe hoping that my money goes toward general betterment of tennis I also do not know why I need to pay USTA (or ALTA for that matter) so I can play a tennis match.

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