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I really don't get wound up playing sandbaggers...infact, I like it. I have nothing to lose. Over the years, the guys that I thought were sandbaggers, I eventually beat most of them. So things have a way of turning around if you just give it time and stop complaining. I played a guy last year in 4.0 state in ga that was hitting second serves down the T and hitting the fence on the fly if you didn't catch it. He was about 22 and was getting his rocks off. I was cool with it. I just made sure the next time I got a hold of a guy that didn't belong, I ripped his @ss into so many pieces that if we had thrown them into the river, the fish wouldn't have found them. lol So things have a way of going around and around. That guy will get to the sectionals and get his(assuming they won state).

Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
OrangePower seems wise beyond his years.

Many of us including me get irritated at the Self-Rated sandbaggers or cheaters, but OrangePower is right.
They will never stop appearing, especially in the playoffs.

Could the USTA do better ? Seems so. I read a lot of great ideas from people on this forum, such as weighted lines,

I feel like Don Quixote when trying to fight these windmills. There is nothing to lose against these players except your composure and respect of your teammates. Not worth this. Play the match, shake hands and move on.

Thanks OrangePower.
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