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ALTA basically works like a promotion/relegation league. Teams are easier to form so they move up if they do well and move down if they struggle. Teams stay together for years- our team started at B6 and over the last 6 years we have added people and moved up. We added enough people that we have split twice and now all 3 teams practice and basically operate together. So from that B6 team we now have a AA1, a AA4, and an A5 team. But when we started the team we had guys who had been playing for just a few months on the same team as guys who played in college which never could have happened in USTA. Neighborhoods can have any group of people form a team if they like playing together even if they have wildly different skillsets.

The women's team has moved up from C2 all the way to A1 and it is the same thing. (splitting just once... that was not as graceful as the men's team splitting) But once again its a team that never could have been formed in USTA because the levels were too different in the beginning. Alta makes it dramatically easier to form teams and keep them together which should be the point of playing recreational tennis. So many of our best friends are through tennis and I just roll my eyes at how USTA does it. I do hate it that ALTA treats a guy who played D1 as a beginner if he has never played ALTA before.

It actually is rather easy to manipulate the roster rules of ALTA, but because there are no nationals then there really isn't as much incentive to game the system. Why have no fun for 7 weeks of the regular season just so you can do well in 3 weeks of playoffs?

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