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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Phoenix1983 as for your laughable post, yes Maria spanked Serena once almost a whole decade ago, and Serena has spanked Maria about 9 more times since then, including about 4 brutal beatdowns last year. So your point is what exactly?
My point was to bring you back to reality in terms of your ranking of Serena i.e. saying she is contention with Graf for GOAT, that it's impossible for Sharapova to beat her, and all the other ridiculous fanboyism you spout off on a daily basis about Serena.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
As for impying Serena is an unbeatable goddess, well if that is the implication we would be saying god Maria is obviously her toughest opponent just because she managed to beat her a whole 9 years ago, yet that is what nobody (except a few like yourself who follow no WTA) is saying.
I do follow WTA. You just like to say I don't because I point out your silly arguments about the Seles stabbing, Serena, Capriati and others.
Sloane Stephens and Laura Robson: future WTA world No 1 and 2.
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