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Default Tier One triumph review

First of all I want to say that I paid for a starter package and they were not given to me for free so I will give my best and more importantly honest review. I will start other threads for the polys this one is for the multi.

Ok let me start by saying that WOWW. A phenomenal, top quality, players string. I strung it at 60 on my new graphene speed pro 315 and if I tell you that this may be one of the best strings I have ever hit with. I am now at about 4 hours of total play.

First of all for a multi the durability is really good, 4 hours of hard hitting and the string is in great shape still, very little movement, very little signs of wear, performance as good as when I started, I'll,check tension later but really who cares the string is performing great 4 hours of hard drilling later.

Spin is what spin is for a multi, it's good not great but the control factor with this string is so high that it doesn't matter. Launch angles are penetrating but with tons of control.

Serve was really good, not the huge spinners but flat and slice serves where of the charts. Volley is good but need to hit more volleys to get better feel but do t see it being an issue. At house strung at 60 did not play stiff at any point. The string is not the crispest but its not mushy either to me it's right on the money where I like it.

Return of serve was really great

I want to find something negative to say but I can't.

If you like and play multis you need to give this string a test drive and even if you don't. To me this multi played more gut like than alot of the lower to medium end guts I've tested.

I may have found my new setup for match play and I'm not easy to please and very critical.
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