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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
I think that most people waste the time between games. It's a good time to make adjustments. Take a pad of paper and write 1 or 2 things that worked and 1 or 2 things that didn't work in the last 2 games. You might find that the adjustments come more naturally during points without you having to force yourself to think about them.

The ball and opponent should be the in-point focus, the rest is pre-point background.
I also encourage some of my kids to jot down a basic plan on a 3x5 card or something so they can look at it on change-overs. It's often a settling thing when we can revisit a simple, decent plan through the course of a match. When the point starts, we should already know what we want to do. That way we're not just reacting to our opponents - that gives them too much initiative in competition.

Also Mike, I'll bet that you're discovering the significance of thorough, deliberate practice. When our shots are reliable enough that we can repeat them without thinking about them in match settings, it's easier to mind our opponents. If we have to focus on the other guys as well as our own technique, etc., that's a recipe for over thinking. Groove your shots and then your instincts will be free to guide you through your basic plan of attack.
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