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Originally Posted by TheBoom View Post
Don't get mad at your partner, encourage them. I've seen when I Gert mad at my partner or vice versa both of us start playing worse, you gotta keep your cool go back to the basics.

Don't poach every time or you will start getting burned down the line
This is rarely a problem I see. What I see a lot more of are net players who act as if their feet are made of concrete or as if their feet were actually embedded in the court. Not only do they not poach, they don't even fake poach so the returner doesn't even have to consider that a poach is an option they'll have to deal with.

IMO the server's partner should be poaching or fake poaching on every first serve and on a high percentage of second serves. You've got to get into the receiver's head and if you mix it up not only will the quality of their returns go down but they'll even cough up the occasional unforced return error which is just gravy.
When should you serve and volley in doubles? Only when you want to win.
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