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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Believe it or not, I am actually not under any obligation to answer your stupid (rhetorical?) question that nobody without inside information could possibly answer . You posed it, maybe you can answer it ? I answered a question not to make myself feel good, but becuase it was more relevant.

Ha,Ha, Really ? So you didn't go back to PPSS in the last post ? Really ? So the reference to the "last 12 months" had noting to do with the "10 points in the previous 12 months" PPSS standard ? It was just a random, coincidental, reference to 12 months? Your references PPSS in all your previous posts, now you are saying this has nothing to do with that ? So are you walking back all your PPSS stuff ? Seriuosly ?

I believe in the concept that criteria for things like admission to camps should be objective and transparent. Regrettably, they are not. You have repeatedly argued on this thread the PPSS system is that objective standard, but I have shown that there is no relationship between the PPSS system which only governs admission to USTA Sanctioned tournaments and has no bearing on selections for camps.

There's absolutely no conjecture here. It's laying out the facts. I was demonstrating that whether he is or is not subject to suspension under PPSS, that has no relevance as to his eligibility to participating in camp such as this. Again, you have repeatedly argued on this thread that punishment under the PPSS was sufficient and that the player should not be subject to further "punishment".

No, I emphatically do not agree with you on any substantive issue, other than the fact that the timing was unfortunate, and as I have said, I can cut them some slack becuase of that. Otherwise, no we don't agree. Had the incident in question accured a month ago, then I would be less forgiving. But I also suspect there are people inside PD who would see his behavior as a positive, becuase it demonstrates his passion, right ? And we need to cut them slack if they are good and have passion ? Sportsmanship is for the little people.
You've made up and imagined a lot here. I won't go through it anymore as I have done so once already. Your hypothetical and imaginary scenarios are funny. You have a great sense of humor.

My 12 mo. reference was to the rest of the kids in the camp. Did any of them act out anywhere, reported or unreported? If you punish this kid over and above the rules would the USTA be levying punishments equally and fairly to all? I don't think they could get it right without clear guidelines and standards to use. Since you are so against how the USTA did not handle this situation, why don't you propose new rules for situations like this?

I will say given this kids behavior, I am for him being further punished. But without a standard to reference to justify suspending him, I am not for the USTA arbitrarily stepping in to do so. As far as I'm concerned he was punished under the rules by being defaulted from the match. In my house I would not have let him go to the camp, but that's on his parents and we don't know what happens behind their doors. Guess the default is not enough for some. Fine, get the USTA to change the rules. Let us know how that goes.
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