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Originally Posted by julian View Post
Did you see videos?
I saw the Wozniacki video and I see a little bit of "pat-the-dog" movement at the end of her swing. So, Wozniacki does do a variant of the "pat-the-dog" on her 2hbh.

With Djokovic, it seems that he locks the closed racket face in early in his backswing and has only a very slight "pat-the-dog" elbow extension as he transitions to the forward movement. It looks different from a fh because he has more of a straight-back c takeback than a loop.

Watching Kuznetsova, it is harder to tell how much of a "pat-the-dog' motion she has on her fh.

So my provisional conclusion is that the "pat-the-dog" motion is not completely absent among a lot of the top 2hbhs, but it is much less pronounced than you normally see on fhs. The closed racket face position is being locked in early in the swing and there's not the obvious pressing out or down into the transition that you see with Federer and Nadal on fhs.
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