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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
I can't state the name of the store because of forum rules, but I could tell you it is a tennis shop in Davie, Florida.

Aren't there any good stringers in your area. Kind of a shame for you to have to drive so far.
Should be fine to post the shop name, you've been around long enough -- I'm sure TW Staff knows you're not ripping business off them. It's cool to set up forum member meets to me.

Originally Posted by Trippisthebest View Post
You guys already carry RPM Dual?
This, however, isn't cool -- shoot drak an e-mail, or something.

As far as hanging out while stringing -- I can only imagine drak is a pretty laid back guy to shoot the breeze with, but one thing I LOVE (aka hate when people do) is standing within handle radius of the stringing machines. Give some space, people!
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