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This is the best way for me to explain why nationals are a bad idea. I think that most of us can agree that having a national championship for 2.5 tennis is sort of ridiculous. An award for being the best terrible tennis players in the nation? There is no doubt that the team that wins 2.5 would do just fine at 3.0 but they were simply the team that managed their levels the best.

But when you think about it every other level is the same. Its not that you are the best at anything other than being able to manage your ratings the best to keep good players from being bumped up. I really don't see the point and I think it causes a TON of problems across USTA tennis. Teams have to decide if they want to stack a team to try and make a run at nationals and they build a team differently than the rest of the teams in the league. Get rid of that incentive and teams would be built more with the regular season in mind which would make things run smoother all the way around.

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