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I actually think it is a minority of teams that want sectionals and nationals. In most leagues only 2-3 teams are in contention for playoffs. A lot of times it is a foregone conclusion before the season even starts who is going to win. These are the teams that engage in 90% the sandbagging, throwing matches and everything they can do to regulate their ratings.
I think you are exaggerating this a bit. It is probably true that the winning teams are known before the start of the season for the most part, but this doesn't necessarily mean those teams are "cheating". I was currently just on a playoff bound combo team, and will be on 2 40+ playoff bound teams. Out of those teams, one is on the marginal side, but in the case of the other 2 there is none of this activity. It is much more fun to win then lose so in general good players are attracted to winning teams.
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