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Originally Posted by asimple View Post
I think you are exaggerating this a bit. It is probably true that the winning teams are known before the start of the season for the most part, but this doesn't necessarily mean those teams are "cheating". I was currently just on a playoff bound combo team, and will be on 2 40+ playoff bound teams. Out of those teams, one is on the marginal side, but in the case of the other 2 there is none of this activity. It is much more fun to win then lose so in general good players are attracted to winning teams.
Originally Posted by asimple View Post
I completely agree with this, but for some strange reason the concept of having a winning team is fun. I've been personally going through this thought experiment recently as I am an unintentional C rated sandbagger who played much higher levels when I was younger and in shape. It might be fun going far in the playoffs, but at the end of the day making it a long way into the playoffs at a level 2-3 notches down from you old level is kind of depressing in some ways.
It's kinda funny that you made these two posts one after the other, because there are some ironic juxtapositions there:

The teams you are on are 'legit', and yet you are a self-admitted sandbagger (albeit unintentional).

It's more fun to win than to lose, but it's depressing making a deep playoff run 2-3 notches down from your old or goal level.

Not accusing you or your teams of cheating, but it's clear that the system attracts some teams and players who are motivated by making playoff runs rather than enjoying a competitive regular season, but then at the end of the day winning at a lower level ends up feeling kinda hollow for many.
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