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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
Try to string it full poly with Weiss Cannon. They are notoriously known as a poly that holds tension very well. I like to string it at 54. But with something that rewards string movement for grip like the 99s, you might like to try to string it lower because the tension will maintain its point better with these strings.

Also try Signum Pro, their polys are good too and a lot of people say they are a bit of a stiff poly which might bode well for a racquet that needs more tension maintenance.
The point of the thread has NOTHING to do with what string to use of what tension, the question is do people have problems with the hanging/floating clamps that are used on drop-weight machines......due to the open, will the clamps actually work.

I have a drop weight with 2 floating clamps, but have not restrung yet as it has been so cold that I have not hit much recently. Anyone with feedback, I know lots of people have been restringing.
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