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Originally Posted by lnnguyen01 View Post
Congrats! My daughter is sophomore with 4.5 GPA; will have ~9 APs by the time she's done with public school. Lots of extracurricular, student senate, etc. Unlikely to get into Ivy League caliber school though--very competitive unless you stand out in some other way--especially if you are Asian (not saying that Ivy League are only good colleges). She's only 1* so tennis won't help her. Congrats again!
Congratulations for your daughter's accomplishment! I heard recently that Harvard admitted a boy (Chinese American) who plays 2nd or 3rd doubles for his high school team. I heard that he did some cancer research that must be considered exceptional achievement for a high school kid. For your daughter, many years of tennis training and competition should make her resume even more impressive. Good luck!
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