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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post

Here's a video with do's and dont's:
Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Using Flextend

I don't have experience with the Flextend. It seems it was made largely to treat carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist.

Just based on how it works, I would think the twisting motion of the Theraband Flexband would be a better exercise for the muscles/tendons involved in tennis elbow, but it certainly does seem that comeback had great results using the Flextend.

I hope comeback sees this and can explain further the specific exercises he used - how much flexion and extention and how much twisting exercises. Also I would love to know if he first used the Theraband Flexbar without results.
Hi Charlie, i tried everything and i am a certified trainer,4.5 tournament player and teaching pro..The flexbar is ok if your arm is 100% but if it is injured the flexbar will make it worse..i really had a bad case of TE but the glove rehabed for your questions, there is another video
which explains it me if you have any further questions

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