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Originally Posted by lnnguyen01 View Post
Yes, all A's in APs and never less than A+ in non-APs. Not trying to dissuade anyone. Just reality that it's a crapshoot for these colleges as there are many more qualified applicants than admitting slots. Doesn't mean that one should not shoot for them but also doesn't mean one is a failure or will not get a great education at other schools.
I agree with that. It is also a crap shoot at lots of other schools. By my unofficial count (anyone out there please verify for yourself) there are about 30 colleges with admissions rates of 30% or less.

I still think if your daughter believes a particular Ivy might be a good fit, she should go for it. I hope you are not believing some posts that say you need 2400/36 and 4.0 GPA and the National Medal of Honor to get into an Ivy.

I also think that looking at each Ivy school (and others) individually is a whole lot more productive than the approach of trying to "get into an Ivy". Columbia has as much in common with Dartmouth as Princeton does with Cornell..........i.e. very little except they are Ivies.

When I hear kids or parents talking about "getting into an Ivy" I get the impression that they are more interested in credentialism and prestige than finding a unique institution that may be able to challenge them like no other. My impression is that you are doing the latter
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