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My opinion is Henin was an overachiever...She was a fairly slight woman, not very muscular..But she was a female version of Federer. She possessed every shot in the book. Went for big shots like a real champion..Too bad her body (arm) just gave out..The victim of a sport which has become more about physical strength and endurance than tennis talent,,If you listen to Li Na her now coach Rodriquez (Henin's former coach) is an animal for killer workouts..Good if you have the body for it but devastating if you don't..
henin got so good because of that "killer training". she always had the strokes but later in her career she became really fit and strong. she was not tall or muscular but she was a very strong and fit woman.

just technique doesn't make you hit as hard as she did. she was one of the most powerfull players of her generation and could hit with girls like sharapova or serena.
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