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Horrible. At 4.5, last year, our season went from Feb-early June. We had 15 teams split among 3 flights and we played each team in our flight twice. I would have preferred just two flights and playing each team twice...but 8 matches is still something.

This year, with the 40+ league, the 18+ division has 13 teams split among 2 flights and the season got shortened to only 2 months (ends in March, so the 40+ can start soon after) so we only play each team once. Our flight is the one with 6 we get a whole...5 matches...whoop-dee-doo.

I am jealous of the 4.5 18+ teams up north in Washington. 12 teams, 1 flight, and their season lasts through May.

We want to play more matches!
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