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I can't take the credit for Wildings wikipedia page. I have made the odd update on it over time though. I am fascinated with Wilding on a number of levels. He cuts such an interesting character, capturing the exotic nature of the time. He was the friend of kings and princes, would travel about Europe turning up at chateaus and castles, as a guest, on his motorbike having travelled for days, fixing his bike on roadsides. I don't know why someone hasn't done a movie portraying him. I, for one, are very grateful for this last round of updates...thanks very much for those responsible.
Oh, I thought you were the one who created the template in wikipedia based on the results section within this thread. Anyway, it's not that important. I just had a slight gripe about the non-inclusion of the true sources for the results.

A film, or even a documentary, about Wilding's life could certainly be very interesting, especially if it revealed a bit more about his private life than is currently known.
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