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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
I found this on twitter.

Those old translations were pretty bad; some of Janowicz's quotes were not even his words

Let's keep it clean guys. The mods deleted the thread yesterday because it got ugly.
I didn't get this at first, but found it online.

How REFRESHING! Every person, IMO, has great and bad traits, I just like the real thing even if someone's a jerk (Not saying he is), I just wish we had more of this.

Imagine watching Murray and Djoke play knowing they hate each other, heh, you have to admit it would make it more interesting.

We need more off that, Conners walking across the court getting in Mac's face, real drama instead of todays sterilized statements. Each time I get excited to hear the player talk about his match, but it's BORING, you KNOW what they are going to say, "So Roger, what do you think about todays match", "Well Andy played great, he's really improving" BORING. Wish he'd say "I played like crap, next time I'm kicking his butt".

Ali raised the bar for everyone in boxing, before him everyone was phony, quiet, but is Ali hated? No, people love him, because he was telling the truth.
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