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Originally Posted by duketennisgal View Post
From what I'm seeing, it's hurting the 18 - 40 range, at least in my area. In the past we've had 5, 4.5 women's teams, now with the new divisions we only have 3 in the 18+ and one of those teams is 50% 4.0s. There is a large number of very competitive 4.5 women in their early 40's and a majority of them have decided to only play in the 40+ league to better the chances outside of the local league season.
We're similar; 18-40 players just can't play when 18+/40+ is active. There is no 18+ league, and the 3.5 mens section was eliminated - so anyone under 40 is resigned to mixed doubles (the side that the 'regular' 3.5/4.0 men won't even touch), and the current 3.5 40+'s are getting slaughtered at 4.0 (I've been watching their match scores, and it's not pretty). The 40+ members all wanted to play a 40+ league, and so the captains sign up that way. The 4.0 mens is nothing short of a joke from what I've seen this season.

Some clubs simply aren't putting up teams, because they don't have enough 40+ people who can do singles - they've got people under 40 who are willing, but the 18+ league that would have let them play is dead. One at our (3.5) level is that way - unsure if they will return in Spring. We may have just lost 1 of 4 teams.

It's kind of ironic, being one of the 'young' guys on our team - at almost every match, I get an earful of complaints that younger guys aren't interested in joining the adult leagues, so it just keeps shrinking and shrinking. But then, anyone under 40 is excluded; and 3.5, our entry level league, is gone. But, SPRING is coming and 18+ are graciously allowed back in to play! No more mixed, no more mixed!
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