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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
I didn't get this at first, but found it online.

How REFRESHING! Every person, IMO, has great and bad traits, I just like the real thing even if someone's a jerk (Not saying he is), I just wish we had more of this.

Imagine watching Murray and Djoke play knowing they hate each other, heh, you have to admit it would make it more interesting.

We need more off that, Conners walking across the court getting in Mac's face, real drama instead of todays sterilized statements. Each time I get excited to hear the player talk about his match, but it's BORING, you KNOW what they are going to say, "So Roger, what do you think about todays match", "Well Andy played great, he's really improving" BORING. Wish he'd say "I played like crap, next time I'm kicking his butt".

Ali raised the bar for everyone in boxing, before him everyone was phony, quiet, but is Ali hated? No, people love him, because he was telling the truth.
The problem is that people on this forum love to bash the top players for being PR-friendly and spineless, but when the top players do occasionally voice an opinion on something, everyone on here grabs a pitchfork and bashes the player in 20-30 page threads.

I remember when Murray said that Federer had lost a step a few years ago. People on this forum were bashing Murray for speaking the truth "lolol. Mugray needs to win a slam before opening his mouth"

Federer got bashed for saying that the outcome of his matches against Nadal are dependent on only his tennis. If he plays well, he wins. If he doesn't, Nadal wins. (That was after RG 2011)

Nadal apparently bumps into Rosol at Wimbledon....this forum went crazy over Nadal's bullying and thuggish ways. Funny how Mcenroe and Connors boorish behavior gets overlooked now. Nadal is a saint when it comes to sportsmanship compared to those two.

Nalbandian got bashed for weeks for injuring that lines person leg at Queens last year.

So, there is really no incentive to being a bad boy and it is better off playing it safe.
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