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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
You are running an interesting blog on tennis. For serious tennis players, 8 weeks of "active rest" or tennis free would be really hard to understand. Does Dr. Allen Fox agree with you on this?

BTW, you did not give specific reason in your Blog how US players played poorly during the 2nd and 3rd day of the Davis Cup tie with Brazil. You hinted that Bryan twins are not the best doubles players because they play doubles as if they are playing singles. But I just don't see this. What is your opinion about US Davis Cup players eating candies during the tie against Brazil? Was this the cause or excuse for poor performance?
Remember how did Brazil players play in the second and third days? They looked much more energetic. They fought like real warriors. Americans just played. May be after the first day and two wins, Americans decided that they already won.

May be they like sweets. I don't think that these players have a chance to reach semifinals. All of them are good, but they are not stars.
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