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Default Stringer that can swap Wise & Dropweight?

Looking for some feedback/advice. I have been using an inexpensive drop-weight for nine years, and am now looking to upgrade as I am expanding services. Iíve read a lot of forum posts on continuous pull vs. lockout and want to stay CP, so that leaves drop-weight and electronic. I need some portability and flexibility as well for situations where no power is available. A good majority of my stringing locally will be done at home, so the electronic option is good for that situation and would certainly be better for higher volumes. However, when I travel to my sonís college matches in the Fall and Spring he prefers my stringing, so I transport my stringer to do a bunch of his racquets on-location. This happens 3-4 times each Fall/Spring. Sometimes that is in a hotel room (available power) and sometimes on the court or at a tournament site (likely no power). Having flexibility also means an option to use the stringer even when the electronic tensioner has issues, which we all know at some point will be the case. Portability includes the option to set up at local tourneys, as well as put the machine away at home if need be. Iíve strongly considered the Stringway ML100, but cannot find that used, itís a pretty high cost new, and for volume it will likely be more time consuming than electronic. What Iíve read here that has intrigued me is good table-top machines that have been retrofitted with a Wise. My issue is they all seem to be crank machines not drop-weight, meaning my backup would be a transition from CP to lockout.

Are there any drop-weight machines with good mounting and a solid base that could be fairly easily retrofitted to provide for relatively quick swap out of the Wise and the stock drop-weight mechanism? That would provide CP regardless of tensioner, and use of the drop-weight as a backup when no power is available. Hoping to find a decent, used stringer with a good mounting system and invest additional dollars in the Wise and better clamps if need be. (Maybe an $800 or so investment.) Anyone have any direction or advice on this approach? Machines to consider? (Including brands like Eagnas which may provide a good enough base and mount.) Is it even feasible? Iím guessing one of the issues for the DWs is that they are not likely to have easily removable mounting brackets on the stock mechanism.

Thanks for any advice! 10SDad
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