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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
There is nothing remotely comparable between 10s-18s USTA ranking success and the next level. No way to repeat a process when the 2 processes are unrelated. During the 10s-16s he was a foot taller than the other boys and most likely trained twice as hard. Those advantages are gone now.
When you are playing up two age groups on average through your jr career those height advantages become irrelevant , so not sure what your getting at ?

As for the ITF compared to the USTA tourneys we played against some of the top players there "OB" some already signed pro one of them got man handled by DB and the others were not at some incredibly high level in fact they were solid but so was Thai and DB .

Tennis is a sport its not magic and who ever wants it has a chance at getting it and at 8 yrs old my players were already winning tourneys , so your expertise is only so good in my eyes
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