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In seriousness.....there is one guy I play (good pal....the guy Ive played the most against for sure) so he has seen my ball literally thousands of times. So, there is no fooling him....he knows whats coming.

In that case, I will DF alot more than usual, as I know exactly what hes going to try and do with a 2nd serve that is not hit well. He is going to run around it and bash a crosscourt FH on deuce side and DTL on the ad side. (My BH is better than my FH.) So, when I know he is going to do this, and be successful like 80-90% of the time, I will "go for it" on the 2nd and try to kick the you know what out of it to his BH. I figured the odds are higher than just hitting one that lands in the middle of the service box.
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