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Originally Posted by Fintft View Post
For most club players rated say 3-3.5 even the first serve is a liability, not to mention having the time and dedication to develop an effective 2nd one lol.

I know people who use their 2nd serve as the first and as a result not only do they lose free points (as you said), but they also lose the points outright due to winning returns. That's also highly demoralizing, inducing more DFs (even on the 2nd serve ) and so forth.

With my tactics at least you develop a decent (first) serve and like I said sometimes I tune it down a bit and get more spin and placement, but it's not a totally different serve (say a kicker). Also b/c it's the same motion, your DFs tend to go down.
Remember the poster who was advocating not to vary your shots in terms of power, as to not induce more factors?
Completely agree with the bolded bit, but really that should always be true. Motion and racquet head speed should remain pretty constant even for different kinds of serve. Slight adjustments in toss location and racquet face angle at point of contact is what provides most of the variation between 1st and 2nd and between different types of serves.
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