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Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
There are 2 stars a plenty in Socal, not to mention a multitude of 3 stars. A 2 star anywhere would be hard pressed to use that as significant weight in admissions. I have a feeling that 4 stars is the bare minimum to generate enough pull (academics aside) for entrance into a top Ivy League institution, MIT, or something similar.
You can still get in as a 2 star and play for MIT.

But, to get into MIT as a tennis player, you have to be JUST AS GOOD as the other students attending the school.
There is no lowering the bar at all at MIT.

The tennis will give you a small edge, when they compare student A with the same ( pretty much perfect) stats as Student B,
but might give a lean towards the one with tennis.

Great school if you can get in....

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