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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
How many days should one rest after a tournament?

The problem with the summer tournaments is there is not much down time.
2 schools of thought. Some play a lot of tournaments. I don't do this with my 12 yr. old daughter as I don't agree with that approach. I force 2-3 weeks rest after a few tournaments so the goal is quality over quantity so we identify the national and sectional tournaments and then select "fill in" local tournaments and practice matches.

Every tournament she plays must serve a purpose. I have a list of items related to development of her game and every tournament must check multiple boxes and chasing points is not one of the items although by focusing on nat'l and sectional tournaments, the points take care of themselves (assuming she wins) since local tournaments are nothing more than practice matches since they garner few points vs. Nat'l and Sectional play.
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