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Originally Posted by barringer97 View Post

I'm guessing that the 3.0 coach won't make a career out of it, especially with kids. It's funny, I think kids can actually sniff out the good players, those are the types of coaches that they usually gravitate towards.
True, I've seen pro's locally say that they played at 5.0, 5.5 level or some other made up level, and then the kids beat them 0-0. It's actually pretty comical, granted you may not have to be world class to be great teaching pro, but a 3.0 trying to teach may have tons of book knowledge and sound like they know it, but may never be able to relay it, learning can be so visual, players need to see it as well as hear it. Not great for biz, more "pro's" charging $25hr. and parents think they are getting a great deal.
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