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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
How were MD and DC being mistreated exactly? How did VA run roughshod over everyone else?

Why would MD care if VA split into North and South? Geographically, it makes a TON of sense. Heck, MD districts is closer to home for me than VA districts.

Whiny emails? You mean...ones full of facts?

What did VA ever do to you Cindy, jeez.
No, I don't mean emails full of facts.

I mean emails whining about VA losing power without giving me any reason why I should care. "Stand with us!" Without any explanation. Sent to someone like me who rarely plays in VA.

I don't care if Va split itself. I believe that VA routinely outvoted the smaller states on things like where Sectionals would be held. I figure if USTA is going to all this trouble to redistribute power, I bet there is a good reason other than hatred of VA.

Has anyone taken the time to understand this?
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