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Default Messed up cross tie off of nat gut string job

so i figured i try a set of nat gut. bought klip legend uncoated. strung it up last night and as i was tying the last knot it snapped on the knot. it looks like it will come undone at any moment. i've banged the string bed against my hand a few dozen times and it seems solid but i'm worried that i just wasted $26.

i figure i have three options:

1) play it as is. maybe it pops, maybe it doesn't. 50/50 imo.

2) cut it out. face the fact i screwed up and move on.

3) clamp off last main (i strung it as a one piece) and cut cross and tie off main. proceed to hybrid it with a alu rough cross.

i'm leaning toward option 3. i know it won't break prematurely and i've wanted to try gut/poly hybrid. willing to stick it out with option 1 because i bought another set (coated though).
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