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I've been playing with my Microgel Rad OS to the specs that I mentioned earlier in this thread (11.6 oz. / 4 points HL / Cyclone 17 @ 54#). It still feels very fast and maneuverable, almost a little too fast, I find myself getting ahead of my forehand quite a bit. The Cyclone feels silky smooth in this racquet, no harshness at all and I'm usually pretty sensitive to full poly setups. I still need to bump up the tension a few more pounds - I know that TW has this frame classified as low power, but I seem to be getting way more pop than with any of the Radical MPs I've played in the past.

Curious to hear your feedback Chris on the mods you've done. I assume that most of the additional weight, aside from some at 3 and 9, has been added in the form of leather grip and also lead at the grip. Do you think adding weight at the grip and letting the balance go more HL would help slow me down coming into my ground strokes?

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