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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Yes sir. +1

Recoil is a very underrated string and feels great with the exo3 series. Great spin and string movement... but no string re-shifting.

Port holes up top, string-hole inserts at 3&9, that's what I've decided feels best as well.

Any poly at low tensions will feel good in these soft frames. I loved LuxM2Pro(50lbs.) and currently BBO @ 48lbs.
+1 on BBO @48. Such a nice setup with this frame. I'm currently testing 1 frame with a full bed of 4G @ 44 which is working out rather well.

Oh yeah I use 16 x 18 Exo tour with ports.
Yonex Ezone Ai98 - Yonex Poly Tour Pro (Black) @ 51/48
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