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I playtested organix 10 mid today, and it felt great! I previously used C10 Pro and the new organix 10 mid is much more solid than C10 pro IMO. Yes, the silky smooth feeling of powerbridge 10 and C10 pro seems to be gone, but it is still very comfort.

Compared to C10 Pro, the stringbed seems to be less livelier and more muted, but I think it has more power and pop than organix 10 MP (325). It is very easy to serve and the sweetspot seems to be relatively large too. I played against an aggresive player today and organix 10 mid was not pushed back at all. Compared to my current stick, pure storm tour, it has less power and more control, but adjustment was not so hard.

Organix 10 mid still has the clean and smooth feel of Volkl, and it is less demanding compared to other mid size frames IMO.

All in all, a very nice racquet!
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