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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
REports today indicating CFC still aren't going to open talks on a contract with him.In your opinions would this be an example of an owner making up his mind about a player and not wanting to back down.He could shouw up at MU next season and would easilly have 2 or 3 years there to cause damage to Chelseas' title hopes.
It's interesting, Abramovich is probably 90% sure of who the manager will be next year. If it's someone like Laudrup, Martinez, Moyes, Simeone, Klopp etc.. Then there is no way he will be offered an extension. If it's Mourinho then I believe he would make keeping Lampard part of the condition for him coming back.

It seems silly not to keep him, he's playing just as well as he ever has, although it's funny he's only really getting huge credit for it now. He's said he's happy to take a huge wage cut, where else could you find a player who brings as much as he does, for around £50,000 a week? You simply can't. The only legitimate reason for moving him on would be to give a new manager a clean slate to do their own thing with the club. It would be sad to see him leave, but as a fan, I can understand the need for a fresh start. The thing that would worry me is the total lack of desire to spend money in midfield, we've seen Essien, Meireles, Makelele, Deco and Ballack leave over the last number of years, the only player who came in since is Ramires. It wouldn't surprise me to see us get rid of Lampard and be playing next season with Ramires, Mikel and Romeu.

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