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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I like both but Rafa has achieved more than Djoko at this point (many more titles, slams, masters, etc). If Djoko continues winning at a regular pace, his popularity will increase accordingly.
Nah, Nadal had a way bigger fanbase when he had less slams than Novak has now.

It's just the way it is, you could ponder whether It's because of Nadal's on court intensity(the only who comes close is Hewitt), better (and bigger) FH, more highlight reel shots (especially Nadal's passing shots), better looks or charisma (though that's debatable depending on whom you ask) etc.

Some players just attract the bigger crowds, player's success does affect his popularity but there are various other factors that come into play.

Personally, I prefer watching Novak to Nadal, even in long rallies I just like the way Novak hits the ball off both sides, his effortless change of direction, consistent depth he gets on his shots etc. but I'm not gonna fool myself and claim that if he wins more he'll have the fanbase Nadal has, I sincerely doubt that's ever gonna happen.
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