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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Probably #2 behind Djokovic, if not even possibly #1. A really old Agassi was pushing peak Federer to the limit, so prime Agassi would be ranked above a quite old Federer IMO, as long as he wasnt in one of his slumps. Murray isnt really better than prime Agassi on any surface to this point, I guess fast hard courts, grass, and indoors they are reasonably close, while prime Agassi is way better on slower hard courts and clay both. Nadal hasnt played for 8 months, so he is automatically ranked lower by default. Prime Djokovic and prime Agassi are closely matched on all surfaces. Probably the 2 best ever on slow hard courts, and similar on clay, grass, faster hard courts, as far as playing levels.
This pretty much.
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