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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Hi, future wife....
I play on public courts.
One of the dumbest rules is....4 players playing doubles have exactly the same time constraints as 2 players playing singles....
That is idiotic! FOUR people get to play 1/2 hour after someone is waiting, just like a singles set.
Dearest future husband,

By that logic, four people in a car should have the right to evict from a parking space two people in a car.

By that logic, a family of 10 wishing to picnic at the lone picnic table in the park can dislodge a couple wishing to picnic.

By that logic, a group with a huge beach tend and 8 chairs can tell a family of three with a small umbrella to vacate.

Again, people should follow the *posted rules.* If there are none or if the rules do not address the size of the party hoping to use a scarce public resource, then there are no rules. That it might seem unfair to some is kind of beside the point.

Now. Please do what proper husbands do and stop arguing with me. And take out the trash.
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