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Originally Posted by jss2red View Post
Hello, right now i am looking ideas of diets you guys might have for tennis fitness. Right now this is my diet:
Morning : Cheerios, with low fat milk, and coffee.
Lunch: Salad, with some fruit and milk.
Dinner: Different meals every day.

I am also drinking 96 Oz of water everyday. Any ideas will of diets will be good since i am trying to get the most fit this year. Thanks
Your diet is basically all carbs. You need some serious protein in there. The amino acids in protein will help fight muscle breakdown. If you are playing serious tennis weekly, you better up the protein in your diet.

I aim for at least a gram per body weight a day. Judging by your nutrition, this may be difficult. For my athletes I work with, I start them on a 45/30/25 micro-nutrient breakdown based off calorie consumption per day. 45% Carbs, 30% Protein and 25% Fat.
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