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Update: Tried the Graphene Instinct Rev this evening with the wife, modded to 10.4 oz (stock strung is 9.1). Very nice. Not as HH, though I haven't measured where balance is. Quick swinging, solid feeling, joint-friendly.

Really glad we both tried this, as long term, that 59 RA stiffness rating will be much better on her, physically. I know when we were demoing it and the Graphene Speed Rev in stock form, both hit well, but felt some elbow tenderness (which I've never felt with our Volkls), due to its light weight and HH balance. Didn't feel any of that since the mods.

May try a bit more weight, but will probably let her acclimate to it for a while. When she settles on a weight she's comfortable with, I'll probably replace the Blue Stick and pennies with silicone.

Cyclone 17 mains @ 53, OGSM 16 crosses @ 48 is a good starting point.

It's 2.1 oz lighter than her C10 Pros that I'm now hitting with. I haven't weighed my T10 Mids, but they're definitely heavier than her C10 Pro, and are feeling more club-like than I'm comfortable with.

I tried her GIR for a while, and it's understandable why folks are swayed toward lighter sticks.

I still intend to move to the IG Prestige S, but for now, her C10s will work for me.

Will report more, in case this is just a honeymoon period.

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