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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Where Fed had a weak competition was on hard court pre-2007 (= pre-Djokovic). None of Davydenko, Blake, Roddick and co were anywhere near as good as the triad Agassi/Courier/Chang and more particularly Agassi who played Sampras at every major hard court event and who is one of the greatest hard court players ever. Hewitt and Safin could have been tougher if they hadn't been flashes in the pan incapable of longevity (and Safin DID beat Fed at AO). But those 2 players didn't last and nobody else was there to provide credible opposition on hard until AFTER Fed's prime years (prime years being when Fed won most of his titles of course). I've always thought, Fed was not that exceptional on outdoor hard and that he would have won less if he had had to handle more talented players. Imo, Fed's best surfaces are grass and indoor hard. He could have done better on clay without Nadal and he would have been less dominant on outdoor hard if he had had to cope with a player of Djokovic's stature during his prime.
lol, wut ?

federer faced hewitt, nalbandian, ferrero and safin in a row at AO 2004
faced hewitt & agassi at USO 2004
faced agassi & safin @ AO 2005 ( barely losing to safin)
faced nalbandian, hewitt and agassi at USO 2005
faced davydenko, in-form baghdatis in AO 2006
faced roddick and in-form blake at USO 2006

and agassi in USO 2004 QF was better than a tired agassi in USO 2002 final ( thanks to hewitt ) or a clueless looking agassi in 1990 and I daresay, at a similar level , actually a bit better than the peaked earlier than required agassi in USO 95 final ....

only 2001 USO was the one where he played close to his best vs pete at the USO ...

the 2 times they met at the AO, agassi actually beat him ...

and again, federer beat djoker thrice in a row at the USO : 2007-09 .....absolute peak djoker struggled to beat 30 year old federer there, had to save MPs

@ the bold part, what ? roddick is better than courier/chang @ the USO, in-form davydenko or nalbandian are actually more dangerous than chang ... courier was done in HC slams after 95 ...

and safin/hewitt were also pretty much there in 2004-05 ...

federer is easily the best on outdoor hard his peak, he was just as good there as he was indoors ...only thing is past his peak, he's quite a bit better indoors (mainly because the conditions help his serve and help reduce the problems in consistency )

sampras is close on fast HC; djoker/agassi on slow-medium HC, but combined , they don't come close ...
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