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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
I think it's worth a test in a 99s!
You got one? String it up!

But Monogut ZX is much less stiff than a copoly like 4G. People are already having problems with excessive string movement in the 16x15, which is most likely caused by tension dropping too low. Because ZX is so flexible, I think it would have to be strung over 70 pounds to be useful in the 99S. If the main strings stretch and slide too far they won't snap back in time to impart extra spin. Instead, the ball will simply launch off the strings at a high angle. 4G works very well because it is a very stiff poly and loses less tension than any other copoly string.

The Lendl setup actually appears to exploit a very different type of stringbed, one espoused by the poster Travlerajm, which he calls Option C, here:
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